Jon Zajac

Jon Zajac

Jon is an engineering leader who has smartly navigated the realms of technology and team dynamics to create Icebreaker Spot, a platform dedicated to enhancing team interactions through icebreakers and team-building activities.

Engineering Roots and Practical Solutions

Jon’s journey in engineering is marked by a straightforward approach to problem-solving and a knack for practical innovations. His career, dotted with various technical roles, provided him with ample experience in tackling challenges and working in diverse team settings. It was through these experiences that Jon identified a common hurdle in many teams: the struggle to find engaging activities that could also serve as effective team-building exercises.

Icebreaker Spot: Bridging the Gap

Icebreaker Spot emerged from Jon’s realization that while the need for effective team-building tools was universal, the availability of a simple, comprehensive resource was lacking. The platform is Jon’s response to this gap, offering a user-friendly repository of icebreakers and activities designed to suit a wide range of contexts and groups.