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Digital Media

Digital Media
By Jon Zajac

As someone who is passionate about digital media, I love incorporating themed “This or That” icebreaker questions into events to spark meaningful conversations and build connections among attendees. Digital Media-themed questions are a great way to explore the ever-evolving world of technology, social media, online culture, and more. Here’s how you can incorporate these types of questions into your upcoming event:

How to incorporate Digital Media themed This or That questions

  1. Create a list of questions. Before the event, brainstorm a list of questions that are relevant to digital media. These could include topics like social media platforms, online privacy, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more.
  2. Choose your format. Decide how you want attendees to engage with the questions. You could create printed cards, display them on screens, or use a mobile app.
  3. Encourage participation. Make sure everyone feels comfortable participating in the activity. Encourage all attendees to share their opinions and experiences, even if they differ from others.
  4. Facilitate discussions. As the organizer, it’s your job to facilitate discussions around the questions. Ask follow-up questions, provide additional context, and help keep the conversation flowing.
  5. Reflect on insights. After the activity, take some time to reflect on the insights and perspectives that were shared. You could even use these insights as a starting point for further conversations or workshops throughout the event.

Ideas on different themes of questions

  1. Social Media: Ask questions about different social media platforms, features, and trends (e.g., “Facebook or Instagram?” or “TikTok or Snapchat?”).
  2. Online Privacy: Ask questions about digital privacy, security, and ethics (e.g., “Do you read the privacy policies of apps and websites?” or “Do you use a VPN to protect your online activity?”).
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Ask questions about AI, automation, and machine learning (e.g., “Would you trust an autonomous vehicle to drive you?” or “Do you think AI will replace jobs in the future?”).
  4. Virtual Reality: Ask questions about virtual reality, augmented reality, and immersive experiences (e.g., “Have you tried VR gaming?” or “Do you prefer physical or virtual events?”).
  5. Online Culture: Ask questions about internet memes, viral trends, and online communities (e.g., “What is your favorite meme of all time?” or “Which online community do you belong to?”).

By incorporating Digital Media-themed icebreaker questions into your event, you can create an engaging and thought-provoking experience that fosters connections and encourages attendees to explore the ever-evolving world of technology.

My favorite Digital Media themed This or That questions

  1. YouTube or TikTok?
  2. iPhone or Android?
  3. Zoom or Google Meet?
  4. WhatsApp or Messenger?
  5. Gmail or Outlook?
  6. Apple or Microsoft?
  7. Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator?
  8. Mac or PC?
  9. Online shopping or in-store shopping?
  10. Streaming or downloading?
  11. Online gaming or console gaming?
  12. Podcasts or audiobooks?
  13. Email or text message?
  14. Virtual reality or augmented reality?
  15. Ebooks or physical books?
  16. Cryptocurrency or traditional banking?
  17. Online news or print newspapers?
  18. GPS or paper maps?
  19. Amazon or eBay?
  20. Streaming TV or Cable TV?
  21. Online course or traditional course?
  22. Kindle or iPad?
  23. Vlog or blog?
  24. PayPal or Venmo?
  25. Online meetings or in-person meetings?
  26. YouTube live or Facebook live?
  27. Photos or videos?
  28. Online auction or garage sale?
  29. Smartwatch or fitness tracker?
  30. Online socializing or in-person socializing?
  31. Gaming mouse or gaming keyboard?
  32. Wi-Fi or Ethernet?
  33. Wireless earbuds or wired earbuds?
  34. Fitness app or gym membership?
  35. Mobile gaming or console gaming?
  36. Email newsletter or social media post?
  37. E-commerce or brick-and-mortar?
  38. Romantic movie or action movie?
  39. Animated movie or live-action movie?
  40. Google Drive or iCloud?
  41. Artificial intelligence or human intelligence?
  42. Virtual assistant or personal assistant?
  43. Smart home or traditional home?
  44. Mobile website or mobile app?
  45. Online learning or traditional learning?
  46. Single player video game or multiplayer video game?

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