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New Years

New Years
By Jon Zajac

### Intro

As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to incorporate New Year’s themed icebreaker questions into your upcoming event. Using a “This or That” format can add an element of fun and excitement while encouraging guests to share their opinions and experiences related to the holiday season. In this guide, I will discuss how to incorporate New Years themed This or That questions into your next event, along with some ideas on different themes of questions you can use to keep it engaging and entertaining.

How to incorporate New Years themed This or That questions

To incorporate New Years themed This or That questions into your event, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a list of New Year’s related questions beforehand that are fun, light-hearted, and relevant to the holiday season. You can find inspiration from browsing online forums, social media, or by brainstorming with colleagues and friends.

  2. Print out the questions on cards or display them on a screen or poster board. Encourage your guests to form small groups of 3-5 people and take turns asking each other the questions. You can also create a rotation system where each group moves on to the next question after a set amount of time (e.g., 2-3 minutes).

  3. Make sure everyone has a chance to answer each question and listen actively to their responses. Encourage follow-up questions, comments, and discussions that build on the initial answers. You can also share your own insights and opinions about New Year’s traditions and celebrations to keep the conversation flowing.

  4. After everyone has had a chance to answer all the questions, gather your guests in a larger group and ask them to share their favorite or most surprising answers. You can also use this opportunity to highlight any commonalities or connections that emerged during the activity.

  5. Consider using some of the insights or stories that came up during the “This or That” icebreaker as a springboard for further conversations and activities throughout the day. For example, you could organize a trivia game based on New Year’s traditions or create a photo booth with props inspired by the holiday season.

Ideas on different themes of questions

To keep your New Years themed icebreaker questions fresh and engaging, you can explore different themes and categories that are relevant to the holiday season. Here are some ideas:

  • Resolutions: Ask questions related to guests’ goals, aspirations, and habits for the new year (e.g., “What is your most challenging resolution?” or “Do you prefer making resolutions at the beginning of the year or setting goals throughout the year?”).

  • Traditions: Ask questions about New Year’s traditions from around the world, or about guests’ personal family traditions (e.g., “What is your favorite New Year’s tradition?” or “Do you have any unique New Year’s traditions in your family?”).

  • Reflections: Ask questions that encourage guests to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one (e.g., “What was your most memorable moment of the past year?” or “What are you most looking forward to in the new year?”).

  • Entertainment: Ask questions related to New Year’s entertainment, such as music, movies, and TV shows (e.g., “What is your favorite New Year’s Eve movie?” or “Which artist or band do you hope to see perform on New Year’s Eve?”).

  • Food: Ask questions about New Year’s food traditions, such as special dishes, desserts, and drinks (e.g., “What is your favorite New Year’s meal?” or “Do you have any lucky foods you like to eat on New Year’s Day?”).

By incorporating these different themes of questions into your New Years themed icebreaker activity, you can keep your guests engaged and entertained while also fostering a sense of community and shared interest. So why not give it a try and see how it can enhance your next event!

My favorite New Years themed This or That questions

  1. Traveling for New Year’s or staying home?
  2. Watch a movie or play board games?
  3. New Year’s Eve charity event or volunteering at a shelter?
  4. New Year’s Eve kiss or New Year’s Day hug?
  5. New Year’s Eve masquerade ball or costume party?
  6. Fondue or charcuterie board?
  7. Watch the ball drop or Watch the fireworks?
  8. Traditional Auld Lang Syne or modern pop songs?
  9. Midnight kiss or midnight toast?
  10. Noisemakers or party hats?
  11. Staying up all night or Going to bed early?
  12. Watch the ball drop in Times Square or watch fireworks over the city?
  13. Midnight toast or Midnight snack?
  14. Party hat or tiara?
  15. Midnight snack or champagne toast?
  16. Noisemakers or party poppers?
  17. Winter wonderland or tropical paradise?
  18. Countdown or no countdown?
  19. Countdown at home or Countdown in public?
  20. NYE kiss or group hug?
  21. Takeout or home-cooked meal?
  22. Countdown clock or live music?
  23. Champagne or Wine?
  24. Spend the night in or go out for the night?
  25. New Year’s Eve kiss with your partner or New Year’s Eve kiss with your pet?
  26. Midnight toast or midnight snack platter?
  27. Confetti cannons or balloon drop?
  28. Cocktail dress or jeans and a nice top?
  29. New Year’s Day sales or relaxation?
  30. Fireworks or confetti?
  31. Sparkling wine or red wine?
  32. Watching the parade on TV or attending in person?
  33. Snapchat filters or Instagram stories?
  34. Dance party or board games?
  35. New Year’s Eve with a large group or New Year’s Eve with a small group?
  36. Sparkler or glow stick?
  37. Believe in New Year’s resolutions or Not believe in New Year’s resolutions?
  38. Celebrating with family or celebrating with friends?
  39. Resolution or intention?
  40. Mocktails or cocktails?
  41. Balloon drop or piñata smash?
  42. New Year’s resolutions or no resolutions?
  43. New Year’s Eve dance party or karaoke night?
  44. Sparkling cider or Eggnog?
  45. Watching the ball drop on TV or in Times Square?
  46. Watching the Rose Parade or the football game?
  47. Cocktails or Mocktails?
  48. Midnight snack or late night toast?
  49. New Year’s Day brunch or dinner?
  50. Watching a movie marathon or Playing board games all night?
  51. Stay up late or wake up early?
  52. New Year’s Eve bonfire or candlelit dinner?
  53. Festive dinner at home or fancy dinner out?
  54. New Year’s resolutions or intentions?
  55. Celebrating with friends or family?
  56. Black tie or pajama party?
  57. Auld Lang Syne or a modern pop song?
  58. Champagne or sparkling cider?
  59. Ball drop or live music performance?
  60. Staying up late or going to bed early?
  61. New Year’s Eve party or cozy night in?
  62. New Year’s Eve in a warm climate or New Year’s Eve in a cold climate?
  63. Wear a mask or no mask?
  64. Make resolutions for yourself or Make resolutions for someone else?
  65. Virtual celebration or in-person gathering?
  66. New Year’s Eve dinner at a restaurant or at home?
  67. Bonfire or hot cocoa bar?
  68. Balloon drop or piñata?
  69. New Year’s Eve feast or New Year’s Day potluck?
  70. Stay home or go out of town for the holiday?
  71. Stay up until midnight or go to bed early and wake up for the sunrise?
  72. Watching the sunrise on New Year’s Day or sleeping in?
  73. Glitter or Sequins?
  74. New Year’s Day parade or football game?
  75. Sparklers or glow sticks?
  76. Family gathering or night out with friends?
  77. New Year’s kiss or group hug?
  78. New Year’s Eve party or New Year’s Day brunch?
  79. Kiss at midnight or No kiss at midnight?
  80. New Year’s Eve outfit or Pajamas?
  81. Dancing or karaoke?
  82. Glittery makeup or natural look?
  83. Resolutions or no resolutions?
  84. New Year’s Eve concert or comedy show?
  85. Hangover or early morning workout?
  86. Black tie attire or casual dress code?
  87. New Year’s Eve in a city or New Year’s Eve in the countryside?
  88. New Year’s Day polar plunge or cozy day indoors?
  89. Dance party or karaoke night?
  90. Traditional countdown or surprise countdown?
  91. New Year’s Eve Date Night or New Year’s Eve Girls Night Out?
  92. Dress up or keep it casual?
  93. Watching the ball drop in Times Square or watching a live stream from home?
  94. Reflecting on the past year or looking forward to the new year?
  95. Midnight snack or brunch the next day?
  96. New Year’s Eve Party or New Year’s Day Brunch?
  97. New Year’s Day brunch or New Year’s Day dinner?
  98. New Year’s Eve fireworks or New Year’s Day parade?
  99. Countdown with a live band or Countdown with a DJ?
  100. Fireworks or Confetti?
  101. Dancing at a club or Dancing at home?
  102. New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?
  103. Ball drop or countdown clock?
  104. New Year’s Eve with friends or New Year’s Eve with family?
  105. Glitter or sequins?
  106. Watching a movie marathon or playing board games all night?
  107. Fancy cocktail or a beer?
  108. Glitter or tinsel?
  109. Fancy dress or pajamas?
  110. Kiss at midnight or hug at midnight?
  111. NYE photo booth or DIY photo props?
  112. Late night movie or early morning hike?

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