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The 90s

The 90s
By Jon Zajac

As someone who enjoys incorporating nostalgia into events, I find that 90s-themed “This or That” icebreaker questions can be a fun and engaging way to connect guests and spark conversations. By asking questions related to the pop culture, technology, fashion, and entertainment of the 90s, you can create a sense of nostalgia and shared experience that brings people together.

How to incorporate The 90s themed This or That questions

To incorporate 90s-themed “This or That” questions into your event, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a list of questions beforehand that are related to the 90s culture and experiences. You can find inspiration by browsing online resources, watching TV shows, movies, and listening to music from the 90s.

  2. Print out the questions on cards or display them on a screen or a poster board. Encourage your guests to form small groups of 3-5 people and take turns asking each other the questions. You can also create a rotation system where each group moves on to the next question after a set amount of time (e.g., 2-3 minutes).

  3. Make sure everyone has a chance to answer each question and listen actively to their responses. Encourage follow-up questions, comments, and discussions that build on the initial answers. You can also share your own memories and stories about the 90s to keep the conversation flowing.

  4. After everyone has had a chance to answer all the questions, gather your guests in a larger group and ask them to share their favorite or most surprising answers. You can also use this opportunity to highlight any commonalities or connections that emerged during the activity.

  5. Consider using some of the insights or stories that came up during the “This or That” icebreaker as a springboard for further conversations and activities throughout the day. For example, you could organize a trivia game based on 90s trivia or create a photo booth with props inspired by the 90s fashion and music.

Ideas on different themes of questions

To keep your 90s-themed icebreaker questions fresh and engaging, you can explore different themes and categories that are relevant to the era. Here are some ideas:

  • Pop Culture: Ask questions related to the movies, TV shows, music, and celebrities that defined the 90s (e.g., “Which 90s band or singer do you still listen to?” or “What is your favorite 90s movie or TV show?”).

  • Technology: Ask questions about the technology and gadgets that were popular in the 90s (e.g., “Which 90s tech product do you miss the most?” or “Do you prefer using a landline phone or a mobile phone?”).

  • Fashion: Ask questions related to the fashion trends, styles, and brands of the 90s (e.g., “What is your favorite 90s fashion trend?” or “Which 90s fashion item do you still wear today?”).

  • Entertainment: Ask questions about the games, toys, and activities that were popular in the 90s (e.g., “What is your favorite 90s game or toy?” or “Do you prefer playing video games or board games?”).

  • Current Events: Ask questions related to the historical events and social issues of the 90s (e.g., “Which 90s event do you remember the most?” or “How has the 90s changed your perspective on current events?”).

By incorporating these different themes of questions into your 90s-themed icebreaker activity, you can create a fun and engaging experience that brings people together and evokes memories and stories from the past. So why not give it a try and see how it can enhance your next event!

My favorite The 90s themed This or That questions

  1. Clueless or Mean Girls?
  2. Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?
  3. Saved by the Bell or Beverly Hills 90210?
  4. Jelly sandals or platform sneakers?
  5. Choker necklaces or butterfly clips?
  6. Clarissa Explains It All or Hey Arnold!?
  7. Bop It or Simon Says?
  8. Walkman or Discman?
  9. Butterfinger BB’s or Pop Rocks?
  10. MTV or VH1?
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario Kart?
  12. Dunkaroos or Gushers?
  13. Hacky Sack or yo-yo?
  14. Surfing the internet or playing outside?
  15. Snap bracelets or jelly shoes?
  16. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Family Matters?
  17. Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?
  18. Super Soaker or Nerf?
  19. Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles?
  20. Surge or Crystal Pepsi?
  21. Skidz pants or acid wash jeans?
  22. Cassette tapes or CDs?
  23. Lisa Frank or Polly Pocket?
  24. Pop Rocks or Warheads?
  25. Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC?
  26. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Power Rangers Turbo?
  27. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Full House?
  28. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
  29. Skip-It or Moon Shoes?
  30. Saved by the Bell or Boy Meets World?
  31. Lisa Frank or Sanrio?
  32. All That or Kenan & Kel?
  33. Zack Morris or A.C. Slater?
  34. MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice?
  35. Titanic or Forrest Gump?
  36. Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64?
  37. Blockbuster or Hollywood Video?
  38. Super Soaker or Nerf guns?
  39. Boy bands or grunge?
  40. Tamagotchi or Furby?
  41. Beanie Babies or Cabbage Patch Kids?
  42. Furby or Troll Dolls?
  43. Lava Lamp or Beanie Babies?
  44. Daria or Beavis and Butt-Head?
  45. Snap Bracelets or Chokers?
  46. Chokers or mood rings?
  47. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
  48. Snap bracelets or slap watches?
  49. Gameboy or Tamagotchi?
  50. Scrunchies or butterfly clips?
  51. Nickelodeon or Disney Channel?
  52. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Family Matters?
  53. Jurassic Park or The Lion King?
  54. Bubble Tape or Hubba Bubba?
  55. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
  56. Home Alone or The Sandlot?
  57. Nintendo 64 or Playstation?
  58. Legends of the Hidden Temple or Double Dare?
  59. Barney or Teletubbies?
  60. Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
  61. Simpsons or South Park?
  62. Gak or Silly Putty?
  63. Pogs or Slammers?
  64. Pogs or Pokemon cards?
  65. Ring Pops or Push Pops?
  66. Liz Phair or Alanis Morissette?
  67. Reebok Pumps or Nike Air Jordans?
  68. Grunge or Boy Band?
  69. Rollerblades or skateboards?
  70. Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?
  71. Crystal Pepsi or Surge?
  72. Boombox or Walkman?
  73. Jelly shoes or Doc Martens?
  74. Pogs or Beanie Babies?
  75. JNCO jeans or cargo pants?
  76. Discman or Walkman?
  77. Rollerblades or Heelys?
  78. The Macarena or The Electric Slide?
  79. Boy Meets World or Saved by the Bell?
  80. The Macarena or the Electric Slide?
  81. Hacky sack or yo-yos?
  82. Nintendo 64 or PlayStation?
  83. Rollerblades or Roller Skates?
  84. Game Boy or Game Gear?
  85. Green Day or Blink-182?
  86. Space Jam or The Mighty Ducks?
  87. Snap bracelets or slap bracelets?

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