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Top Gear

Top Gear
By Jon Zajac

Incorporating Top Gear Themed This or That Icebreaker Questions into Your Next Event

As a fan of the hit motoring show Top Gear, I know how much fun it can be to share my love for cars and driving with others. One way to do this is by incorporating Top Gear-themed “This or That” icebreaker questions into your next event. By asking questions related to the show’s challenges, cars, and hosts, you can create a sense of excitement and camaraderie among your guests, no matter what their level of car expertise is.

How to Incorporate Top Gear Themed This or That Questions

To incorporate Top Gear-themed “This or That” questions into your event, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a list of questions beforehand that are related to the show’s challenges, cars, and hosts. You can find inspiration from watching episodes, reading recaps, or browsing online forums and fan sites.

  2. Print out the questions on cards or display them on a screen or a poster board. Encourage your guests to form small groups of 3-5 people and take turns asking each other the questions. You can also create a rotation system where each group moves on to the next question after a set amount of time (e.g., 2-3 minutes).

  3. Make sure everyone has a chance to answer each question and listen actively to their responses. Encourage follow-up questions, comments, and discussions that build on the initial answers. You can also share your own insights and opinions about Top Gear to keep the conversation flowing.

  4. After everyone has had a chance to answer all the questions, gather your guests in a larger group and ask them to share their favorite or most surprising answers. You can also use this opportunity to highlight any commonalities or connections that emerged during the activity.

  5. Consider using some of the insights or stories that came up during the “This or That” icebreaker as a springboard for further conversations and activities throughout the day. For example, you could organize a mini car show or rally, or create a trivia game based on Top Gear trivia.

Ideas on Different Themes of Questions

To keep your Top Gear-themed icebreaker questions fresh and engaging, you can explore different themes and categories that are relevant to the show. Here are some ideas:

  • Challenges: Ask questions about the show’s famous challenges, such as the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” or the “Bollywood Challenge” (e.g., “Which Top Gear challenge would you most want to participate in?” or “What was the funniest moment from a Top Gear challenge?”).

  • Cars: Ask questions about the show’s featured cars, such as supercars, economy cars, and classic cars (e.g., “Which car from Top Gear do you dream of driving?” or “What is your favorite car-related quote from a Top Gear host?”).

  • Hosts: Ask questions about the show’s iconic hosts, such as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May (e.g., “Which Top Gear host do you most admire?” or “What is your favorite moment from a Top Gear special featuring the trio?”).

  • Humor: Ask questions that tap into the show’s unique comedic style and humor (e.g., “Which Top Gear segment made you laugh the hardest?” or “Who is your favorite guest presenter on Top Gear?”).

  • Travel: Ask questions that reference the show’s international locations, such as Namibia, Bolivia, and Vietnam (e.g., “What is your dream road trip destination from watching Top Gear?” or “Which Top Gear special was your favorite to watch?”).

By incorporating these different themes of questions into your Top Gear-themed icebreaker activity, you can keep your guests engaged and entertained while also fostering a sense of community and shared interest. So why not give it a try and see how it can enhance your next event!

My favorite Top Gear themed This or That questions

  1. Lamborghini or Ferrari?
  2. McLaren P1 or Bugatti Veyron?
  3. Manual or Automatic gearbox?
  4. BMW M3 or Mercedes C63 AMG?
  5. James May or Richard Hammond?
  6. Clarkson, Hammond or May?
  7. Porsche 911 or Corvette?
  8. Fiat 500 or Mini Cooper?
  9. Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro?
  10. Land Rover or Jeep Wrangler?
  11. Jaguar or Aston Martin?
  12. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or Subaru Impreza WRX?
  13. Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline?
  14. Ford GT40 or Ferrari 250 GTO?
  15. BMW i8 or Tesla Model S?
  16. Audi R8 or Porsche Cayenne?
  17. Ford Focus RS or Honda Civic Type R?
  18. Nissan GT-R or Porsche 911 Turbo S?
  19. Lancia Delta HF Integrale or Subaru WRX STI?
  20. Bentley Continental GT or Rolls Royce Phantom?
  21. Pagani Zonda or Koenigsegg Agera?
  22. Ford Transit or Volkswagen T2 van?
  23. Range Rover or Mercedes G-Class?
  24. Ariel Atom or Caterham Seven?
  25. Alfa Romeo 4C or Lotus Exige?
  26. Tractor or Lawnmower?
  27. Fiat Multipla or Nissan Juke?
  28. Lexus LFA or McLaren 650S?
  29. Cadillac CTS-V or Audi RS6?
  30. Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder?

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