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TV Show Settings

TV Show Settings
By Jon Zajac

As someone who loves TV shows and their unique settings, I find that incorporating TV Show Settings themed “This or That” icebreaker questions into events can be a fun way to get guests talking and engaged. By asking questions related to the show’s locations, cultures, and environments, you can create a sense of adventure and curiosity among your guests and encourage them to share their opinions and experiences.

How to incorporate TV Show Settings themed This or That questions

To incorporate TV Show Settings-themed “This or That” questions into your event, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a list of questions beforehand that are related to the show’s settings, cultures, and environments. You can find inspiration from watching episodes, reading recaps, or browsing online forums and fan sites.

  2. Print out the questions on cards or display them on a screen or a poster board. Encourage your guests to form small groups of 3-5 people and take turns asking each other the questions. You can also create a rotation system where each group moves on to the next question after a set amount of time (e.g., 2-3 minutes).

  3. Make sure everyone has a chance to answer each question and listen actively to their responses. Encourage follow-up questions, comments, and discussions that build on the initial answers. You can also share your own insights and opinions about the show’s settings to keep the conversation flowing.

  4. After everyone has had a chance to answer all the questions, gather your guests in a larger group and ask them to share their favorite or most surprising answers. You can also use this opportunity to highlight any commonalities or connections that emerged during the activity.

  5. Consider using some of the insights or stories that came up during the “This or That” icebreaker as a springboard for further conversations and activities throughout the day. For example, you could organize a trivia game based on the show’s setting trivia or create a photo booth with props inspired by the show’s locations and cultures.

Ideas on different themes of questions

To keep your TV Show Settings-themed icebreaker questions fresh and engaging, you can explore different themes and categories that are relevant to the show’s settings. Here are some ideas:

  • Cities: Ask questions related to the show’s urban or rural settings (e.g., “Which Modern Family city do you prefer?” or “What is your favorite New York City TV show setting?”).

  • Countries: Ask questions about the show’s international locations and cultures (e.g., “Which country has the best food in The Amazing Race?” or “Where would you like to travel from watching Outlander?”).

  • Environments: Ask questions that explore the show’s natural or artificial environments (e.g., “What is your favorite forest setting in Game of Thrones?” or “Which Downton Abbey room do you want to live in?”).

  • Time periods: Ask questions that reference historical or future settings (e.g., “Which time period would you like to visit from watching Outlander?” or “What is your favorite futuristic TV show setting?”).

  • Cultural references: Ask questions that tap into the show’s cultural, social, and political contexts (e.g., “Which West Wing political issue do you care about the most?” or “How has The Crown changed your perspective on British history?”).

By incorporating these different themes of questions into your TV Show Settings-themed icebreaker activity, you can keep your guests engaged and entertained while also fostering a sense of curiosity and shared interest. So why not give it a try and see how it can enhance your next event!

My favorite TV Show Settings themed This or That questions

  1. Big city or small town?
  2. Realistic or fantasy setting?
  3. Modern-day or historical setting?
  4. Indoor or outdoor scenes?
  5. On-location or soundstage?
  6. Fictional world or real world?
  7. Sci-fi or supernatural elements?
  8. Countryside or urban jungle?
  9. American or international location?
  10. Rural or urban setting?
  11. Comedic or dramatic tone?
  12. Bright and colorful or dark and moody?
  13. Single-location or multiple locations?
  14. Contemporary or vintage setting?
  15. Beach or mountains?
  16. Day or night scenes?
  17. Cold climate or hot climate setting?
  18. Period piece or modern-day drama?
  19. Dystopian or utopian society?
  20. Homes or businesses as primary location?
  21. Small or large ensemble cast?
  22. Mundane or extraordinary events?
  23. Real-life inspired or entirely fictional?
  24. Political or apolitical themes?
  25. Wholesome or edgy storyline?
  26. Cartoonish or realistic visuals?
  27. Family-friendly or adult-oriented content?
  28. Future or past setting?
  29. Action or dialogue-heavy scenes?
  30. Big budget or low budget production?

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