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The Fit Tac Toe

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The Fit Tac Toe
By Jon Zajac

What is The Fit Tac Toe?

The Fit Tac Toe icebreaker game is a fun and active way to engage people in a group setting. Its primary purpose is to act as a physical alternative to the traditional paper-and-pen tic-tac-toe game, promoting movement, teamwork, and quick thinking. In this game, two teams compete against each other by placing small objects on a large tic-tac-toe grid on the floor, aiming to create a row, column, or diagonal line before the opposing team.

What sets Fit Tac Toe apart is its focus on physical activity and interaction between team members. By requiring players to run, place objects on the board, and strategize in real-time, it creates an engaging atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and communication among participants. Additionally, because of its simple yet dynamic nature, Fit Tac Toe can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a versatile icebreaker option for various group settings.

In summary, Fit Tac Toe is an entertaining and lively icebreaker game that offers a refreshing twist on the classic tic-tac-toe concept while promoting physical activity, teamwork, and engagement in a group setting.

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Rules for The Fit Tac Toe

  1. Prepare a tic tac toe (3x3x3) grid on the floor using a marker pen or tape.
  2. Divide people into two teams randomly or by appointment.
  3. Each team will have a different colored pillow or small object to place on the grid.
  4. One player from each team runs over to the grid and places their pillow on a grid box simultaneously.
  5. Teams can rearrange any pillow on the grid after making three moves to form a row, column, or diagonal line of pillows.
  6. The first team to do so wins.

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Materials needed for The Fit Tac Toe

  • Temporary marker pen or tape: To make a large tic tac toe grid on the floor.
  • Pillows or small objects: Around 4-5 for each team to use as their signs in the game. Each team should have pillows or objects that are different from the other team to avoid any confusion.
  • Timer: A timer or your phone’s timer to keep track of time during the game.
  • Whiteboard (optional): To keep track of scores during the game.

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Setting up for The Fit Tac Toe

To set up for the Fit Tac Toe icebreaker game, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a large tic tac toe (3x3x3) grid on the floor using a marker pen or tape. Make sure the grid is visible and large enough for the players to interact with.
  2. Divide the participants into two teams. This can be done randomly or by appointing a team leader and allowing them to choose their members. Ideally, each team should have four to five members.
  3. Ensure that there is enough space around the tic tac toe grid for players to move and place their pillows (or other small objects). Clear any obstacles that may hinder the gameplay.
  4. Set up a timer or use your phone’s timer to keep track of the game duration. Optionally, prepare a whiteboard or another visible scoring system to keep track of each team’s points during multiple rounds.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the rules and objectives of the game, so you can explain them clearly to the participants before starting the activity.

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How to play The Fit Tac Toe

  1. Divide people into two teams: I randomly divided our group into two teams to ensure fairness and promote friendly competition. You can also appoint a team leader and let them choose the members if you prefer.
  2. Prepare a tic tac toe grid: Using a marker pen or tape, create a large 3x3x3 tic tac toe grid on the floor for the teams to use during gameplay. Make sure it’s visible and easy to understand.
  3. Give each team their own pillows (or objects): Provide each team with around 4-5 pillows or small objects in different colors, so they can easily identify whose pillow belongs to which team. For example, you could use red and black pillows for a simple contrast.
  4. Set up the timer: Decide on the time limit for each round, typically between 10-20 minutes, and set a timer or use your phone’s countdown feature. This will help maintain the pace of the game and add excitement to the competition.
  5. Start playing Fit Tac Toe: Have one player from each team run over to the grid, place their pillow on an empty box, and then return to their starting position. Encourage players to think strategically about where they place their pillows to achieve three in a row, column, or diagonal line.
  6. Allow teams to rearrange pillows: After each team has made three moves, let them know that they can now rearrange any pillow on the grid to form a winning line (three in a row, column, or diagonal). The first team to do this wins the round!
  7. Keep track of scores: Use a whiteboard or paper to record each round’s winner and tally up the overall score throughout the game. This will help maintain interest and ensure everyone stays engaged until the end.
  8. Encourage sportsmanship: Remind players to be respectful and supportive of their teammates and opponents, making sure the game remains a positive experience for all involved.
  9. Adjust rules based on your group’s preferences: Feel free to modify the rules or time limits to better suit your group’s needs and abilities, ensuring that everyone has fun and stays active while playing Fit Tac Toe!

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Benefits of The Fit Tac Toe

  • Improves Physical Activity: Fit Tac Toe is an excellent game for those wanting to break a sweat while also having fun, making it the perfect physical activity.
  • Encourages Teamwork: By dividing people into two teams, Fit Tac Toe promotes teamwork and collaboration, allowing individuals to work together towards a common goal.
  • Enhances Focus and Concentration: The fast-paced nature of the game requires players to stay focused and think quickly, helping to improve their concentration skills.
  • Breaks the Ice: Fit Tac Toe is a great icebreaker game that can help people get to know each other in a fun and engaging way.
  • Boosts Energy and Mood: The physical activity and social interaction involved in playing Fit Tac Toe can help boost energy levels and improve mood, making it a great addition to any gathering or event.
  • Customizable: Fit Tac Toe is highly customizable, allowing players to use objects of their choice and create their own rules, adding an element of creativity and fun to the game.
  • Promotes Competition: The competitive nature of Fit Tac Toe can help motivate individuals to push themselves and work harder towards achieving their goals.
  • Develops Quick Thinking: The fast-paced nature of the game requires players to think quickly and make decisions on the spot, helping to develop quick thinking skills.

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Skills built with The Fit Tac Toe

  • Acting skills: Players must act quickly and strategically to place their team’s pillows on the tic tac toe grid before the other team.
  • Balance skills: As players run and place pillows on the grid, they must maintain their balance and avoid falling or tripping.
  • Erudition skills: While this game doesn’t require advanced knowledge, it does require a basic understanding of the rules and strategy of tic tac toe. Players must also be able to quickly recognize and take advantage of opportunities to form a row, column, or diagonal line of pillows on the grid.

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Why I like The Fit Tac Toe

I like the Fit Tac Toe icebreaker because it’s a fun and engaging way to get people moving and interacting with each other. The game is simple enough for anyone to understand, but also has a unique twist that makes it more exciting than traditional tic-tac-toe.

One of the things I appreciate about Fit Tac Toe is that it can be played with groups of any age, making it a versatile icebreaker for a variety of settings. The game also encourages physical activity, which is a great way to get people up and moving, especially during long meetings or events.

I also like the materials required for Fit Tac Toe are easily accessible and inexpensive. All you need is some tape or a marker to create the grid, and some small objects (like pillows) for each team to use as their game pieces. This makes it easy to organize a game on short notice, without requiring any special equipment or setup.

Additionally, Fit Tac Toe can be played in a relatively short amount of time, making it a great option for filling small pockets of free time during an event or gathering. The game also allows for customization, as the rules can be adjusted to fit the needs and abilities of the players.

Overall, I find Fit Tac Toe to be a highly enjoyable and effective icebreaker that combines physical activity, teamwork, and strategy in a fun and engaging way.

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Tips for making The Fit Tac Toe more inclusive

  • Tip: Use objects that are easy to carry: Make sure the objects used as signs, such as pillows, are lightweight and easy for people of all abilities to handle. This ensures everyone can participate without physical limitations affecting their ability to play.
  • Tip: Choose a larger playing area: If possible, use a larger space to create the tic tac toe grid, allowing more room for movement and making it easier for those with mobility challenges to take part.
  • Tip: Offer visual or auditory cues: For players with hearing or vision impairments, provide additional support by giving clear verbal instructions, using visual aids, or offering tactile signals to help them engage in the game.
  • Tip: Pair newcomers with experienced players: Encourage team leaders to pair less experienced players with those who are familiar with the rules and dynamics of the game. This helps create an inclusive environment where everyone feels supported and valued.
  • Tip: Adapt the rules for diverse abilities: Be open to making adjustments to the rules, such as allowing more time or providing extra turns, to accommodate individuals with different skill levels and needs. This ensures that everyone can actively contribute to their team’s success and enjoy the game.

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Reflection questions for The Fit Tac Toe

  1. What did you enjoy most about playing Fit Tac Toe? This question can help participants reflect on what they enjoyed about the game and why. It can also give facilitators insight into which aspects of the activity were most successful in achieving the desired outcomes.
  2. How did working as a team impact your performance in Fit Tac Toe? By asking this question, facilitators can encourage participants to think about the importance of collaboration and communication in achieving success. It may also help participants identify areas for improvement when working in teams.
  3. Did you learn anything new about yourself or others while playing Fit Tac Toe? This question can prompt participants to reflect on how they approached the game, what strategies they used, and how their actions impacted themselves and their teammates. It may also help participants build self-awareness and empathy.
  4. How could you apply the skills you used in Fit Tac Toe to other areas of your life? By asking this question, facilitators can encourage participants to think about how they can transfer the skills they developed during the game to other contexts. It may also help participants see the relevance and value of teamwork and communication in different settings.
  5. What would you do differently next time you play Fit Tac Toe? This question can prompt participants to reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement. It may also help facilitators plan future iterations of the activity by gathering feedback on what worked well and what could be done differently.

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