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Marshmallow Toss

Catch as Many Marshmallows as You Can in this Hilarious and Challenging Game!

Marshmallow Toss
By Jon Zajac

What is Marshmallow Toss?

Are you in charge of team building at work or planning a fun party? Look no further than the Marshmallow Toss icebreaker activity!

This game is simple yet entertaining. All you need is a bag of large marshmallows and two teams. Teams stand facing each other with a set distance between them (adjustable depending on difficulty level). One team starts by tossing a marshmallow toward the other team. If the marshmallow is caught, that team gets a point. If it’s dropped or hits the ground, the other team gets a point. The game continues until a set number of points is reached.

The goal of this activity is to encourage team communication, coordination, and camaraderie. It also allows for some friendly competition and promotes quick reflexes. Marshmallow Toss is best played in groups of 6-12 people and when there’s adequate indoor or outdoor space. It should not be played in crowded spaces or around anyone with allergies to marshmallows.

To make this game more fun, try to incorporate variations such as blindfolding one player or increasing the distance between the teams. You can also add a time limit or require the players to catch the marshmallows with a designated hand. Remember to encourage laughter and positive reinforcement throughout the game. With Marshmallow Toss, everyone is sure to have a sweet and thrilling time.

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Rules for Marshmallow Toss

  1. Separate the group into pairs.
  2. Line each pair up so that one player is behind a marked line and the other player is directly across from them behind another marked line.
  3. Set a timer for 1-2 minutes or any other chosen time period.
  4. Have players throw marshmallows to their partners, aiming to catch as many as possible within the time period.
  5. Alternatively, players can alternate throwing and catching back and forth to each other to achieve the longest streak of catches.
  6. Use plastic bags for clean up and mark boundaries with masking tape or cones.
  7. After each round, have players help clean up dropped marshmallows.
  8. The winner is the pair that catches the most total marshmallows or achieves the longest back and forth streak of catches between one pair.

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Setting up for Marshmallow Toss

To set up for the Marshmallow Toss icebreaker activity, you need to create distance barriers by using masking tape on a solid surface or plastic cones on a grassy surface. You should mark the lines so that they are appropriate for the age group of the participants, allowing them to toss marshmallows fairly accurately from one line to the other. It’s essential to ensure that the distance is set correctly for the players to have fun and maintain their enthusiasm during the game.

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How to play Marshmallow Toss

  1. Gather supplies: Collect a bag of marshmallows and a large bucket or plastic bowl to use as a target for the toss.
  2. Form teams: Divide the players into teams of two people each.
  3. Set the distance: Decide on a throwing distance between the teams, such as five feet apart.
  4. Determine the order: Decide on the order in which each team will take turns throwing marshmallows.
  5. Start tossing: One player from the first team stands behind the throwing line and tries to toss a marshmallow into the bucket, aiming for a successful landing.
  6. Score points: Give one point for a marshmallow that lands inside the bucket and no points for any that miss or bounce out.
  7. Switch teams: After each team has had a turn, switch to the next team in the predetermined order.
  8. Keep track of scores: Assign a scorekeeper to keep track of each team’s points.
  9. Play multiple rounds: Continue playing for several rounds, rotating through the teams and keeping track of the accumulated points.
  10. Declare a winner: At the end of the game, add up the points from each round and declare the team with the highest score as the winner.

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Benefits of Marshmallow Toss

  • Team building: Marshmallow Toss is a great icebreaker activity that encourages teamwork and collaboration among players.
  • Fosters communication: The game also provides an opportunity for players to communicate with one another and strategize on how to successfully toss and catch marshmallows.
  • Improves coordination: Playing Marshmallow Toss can improve your hand-eye coordination as you try to catch the fluffy treats mid-air.
  • Fun and engaging: This icebreaker activity is sure to spark some laughs and friendly competition, setting the tone for an enjoyable event or gathering.
  • Low-pressure activity: Marshmallow Toss is a low-pressure activity, making it suitable for players of all ages and abilities.

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Why I like Marshmallow Toss

We like this game because it's simple and easy to set up, but still provides plenty of fun and entertainment for everyone involved.

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Reflection questions for Marshmallow Toss

  1. What was your strategy for catching the marshmallows? This question prompts participants to reflect on their personal approach to the activity and how they tackled the task of catching the marshmallows. It can also lead to a discussion about teamwork and collaboration.
  2. What was the most challenging part of this activity? This question allows participants to think about what obstacles they faced during the activity and how they overcame them. It also helps to identify areas for improvement in future rounds.
  3. What did you learn about communication during this activity? This question helps participants reflect on how well they communicated with their partner during the activity and if any miscommunications occurred. It can also lead to a discussion about the importance of clear communication in teamwork.
  4. What did you notice about your partner's strengths during this activity? This question prompts participants to think about their partner's abilities and how they complimented their own. It can also lead to a discussion about the diverse skills and strengths that make for effective teamwork.
  5. What would you do differently if you were to do this activity again? This question prompts participants to reflect on ways they can improve their performance in the next round. It can also lead to a discussion about the value of learning from mistakes and trying new approaches.

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